End of training


CommissioningHello everybody. We hope this post finds you doing very well. We are doing excellent, we are done with training, and headed home soon!! This is a picture of us and some friends of ours on our “graduation” day. It was a great day, there were a lot of people here. There are about 350 participants (counting kids) in orientation, and over 1,000 people total were at the commissioning service with all the parents and friends. We have had such a great time here in Virginia. We learned a ton of stuff and met some pretty amazing people. It is awesome to see how many people are willing to go and serve God overseas. Many people are traveling to very difficult places, often with several kids, ready to serve God and see the nations come to know him. It has been very encouraging to share this time with people like that. Leaving here is going to be bittersweet. We are excited about what is in store for us in the upcoming months, but the people we met here we may never see again this side of heaven. That is the sad part. We have said most of our goodbyes and will be starting to head home Tuesday. We plan on making several stops along the way to visit a few different people. We will probably be home by October 5th. We are looking forward to seeing many of y’all again, and talking about some of the neat things we learned at training. We will be home for a total of about two weeks. We will be headed to Costa Rica on October 22nd for language school. We really look forward to being there, and beginning our time overseas. If you live in the Houston area we’d like to visit with you. If you’d like to take us to dinner :), or just visit, please let us know so we can see when schedules would allow us to visit. We hope and pray that you are doing well. Please let us know how you’re doing, we love to hear from y’all.

Thanks for the prayers, and for reading about us, we’ll try to keep updating as much as we can,

Derek and Audrey


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