Home for now

Hello everyone!

We hope you are doing well.  We made it back home to Deer Park today (Monday).  I say home but it will only be home for a couple of more weeks.  We are staying with Audrey’s mom during this time.  Our training finished up on the 23rd of September.  I (Derek) had a class that I took for the next week, then we started our trek home.  We stopped in North Carolina to visit some friends for a night.  Then we traveled to Memphis Tennessee, and then on to Tulsa Oklahoma were we visited my Aunt and Uncle.  The last months have ben so full of blessings, and these travels were a great part of that.  We will be home fore about two and a half weeks before we head off to Costa Rica on October 22nd, then to Panama. We feel so blessed to be able to do what we are doing.  We are excited about what all God has in store.

When I think about this time we have before we leave I feel pretty busy.  There are many people we hope to get to spend some time with before we leave, and there are lots of little details to iron out. We look forward to this time but it will be pretty….busy.  When we were driving home, while Audrey was snoring away in the passenger seat, I started thinking, and you know that can be  a dangerous thing!   I think it’s interesting here in the USA that when someone asks “How are you doing?” we often respond, “busy”, or even “super busy”.  It seems like we equate our busyness with success.  If someone is busy all day and doesn’t have time to take a breath, they must be succssful and accomplishing something important right?  I’m not too sure this is a good measure of what’s successful or not.  I think it’s sometimes the opposite.  It seems like the busier I get, the less time I spend on the things that really matter.  I quickly begin to neglect my relationship with God, or my relationships with others.  It seems like the busier I am the quicker life passes by without a chance to do and say the things I want to do and say.  The first things to go are often the most important. How busy are you these days?  I guess not too busy or you wouldn’t have time to read our blog!  But, when was the last time that you spent an extended period of time in quiet or solitude?  Maybe an exteneded period of time for some of us is five minutes. I hope that you can find time to enjoy, relax and be still for a few minutes.  I know this is something that is difficult for me, but so very important.

What a blessing to get to be part of the journey that God has called us to.  I look forward to seeing many friends and family during this time, and we will make sure we’re not so busy as to forget the most important things.  Thanks for all your prayers,



3 thoughts on “Home for now

  1. It was so great to have you for a few days. We love you guys so much!!! You can count on our prayers for you and I’m so glad you’ve got this blog. It looks amazing!

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