We Arrived!

We made it to Costa Rica!!  We arrived Thursday night.  The trip went well, we even had free wi-fi internet on part of the plane ride!  We were met at the airport by some American’s that live here, and the seven families that were on our flight all got through customs and immigration without a problem.  Praise the Lord for that.  There was a LOT of luggage. 

Our apartment here is nice.  It has two bedrooms, and the kitchen is pretty big for an apartment.  Luckily the noise level around our apartment is pretty low compared to some other parts of town; there are a few dogs that live around here and an occasional honking of the car horn.

Today, Saturday, we went with a missionary that lives here to a farmers market and got some fresh fruits and vegetables. The fruit here looks amazing! Later today we hope to go explore a bit, probably we’ll go see what all is in downtown.

We start class on Monday.  From what we understand we will be in a tutoring type setting.  There will be eight couples that will meet together each morning.  We’ll have a teacher that gives us some sort of daily assignment that we go out around the town to complete.  We’re not completely sure what this will look like, but we’ll let you know soon!

It is hard to believe that we are really here, I don’t think the reality of that has totally hit yet.  We have enjoyed our first couple of days and we really look forward to what all God has in store for the next months that we’re here. Thank you for all your prayers.

We will probably be posting some pictures sometime soon, so click on our photos page from time to time.

Derek and Audrey


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