Pura Vida!

Costa Rica Sunset

Wow it has already been over a week since we updated, time has been passing pretty quickly.  Everything is going very well here. “Pura Vida” literally means “pure life”, but it’s a saying here in Costa Rica that means, it’s all good!  So, Pura Vida!!  We are pretty settled in “normal” life here it seems. Normal here is a little, or a lot different, than normal in the USA, but we’re enjoying it a lot.   

The main focus of our time continues to be our Spanish class.  It is going very well.  We have about two and a half weeks left in class.  The first several weeks were primarily a classroom type setting, and we had homework each day that consisted of going out and asking people questions, and talking to people.  The last couple of weeks will be more field trips and experiencing cultural things in Costa Rica.  Yesterday we went to a museum in downtown San Jose, and tomorrow our class will go to the people’s home that have adopted all the children.  We will also do things such as visit a coffee plantation/factory, visit a farm, and “work” at a Costa Rican business for part of a day.  Class has been good and we enjoy getting to go out and see some new things too.

After class ends in a few weeks we have a conference and a few other things that we’ll be doing.  We get out for Christmas on December 18th, and it looks like we’ll have some family come in for Christmas, that will be great!  We will have class in the Language institute starting in January.  During our Christmas break we hope to be able to see a few different parts of the country.  It is so pretty here.

We are reminded often of the beauty of God’s creation.  We have class on the back patio of a missionaries home.  The backyard has many different types of flowers and during class each day we see at least seven or eight different types of birds.    Some are hummingbirds, and there are a lot of other colorful birds too that I don’t know the names of. God’s beauty is very evident all around us.

Between the flowers, birds, all the colors, and the mountains that surround us, we are often overwhelmed by God’s creation.  This temporary world is so filled with beauty.  This reminds me how much God cares about every detail of our lives.  He’ll take care of the all the animals and nature, and how much more important are we.  He will take care of us, and cares so much about every aspect of our life.  We’re so glad that it’s not by our strength or ability that we can accomplish anything, it’s only through God and what he can do through us.  If we’re available and willing to follow him, he will accomplish great things through each of his children.  Regardless of whether we are serving overseas, or whether you’re at home in the USA, God wants the same thing from us, obedience and willingness to follow him wholeheartedely.

We have updated our prayer request and photo pages, feel free to take a look.  We especially appreciate your prayers for us and for all that God wants to during this time.  Many of the photos are from our time in Cartago, see “Church in Cartago” post for more details. Please let us know how y’all are doing, and if there is anything we can pray for you about.  Thanks a bunch for keeping track of us, we will try and post again soon.

Derek and Audrey Tucker


One thought on “Pura Vida!

  1. Hey guys. Great update. I’m so glad to hear that things are going so well for you. I’ll be praying for you guys mucho 😉 Haha. Anywho. I remember being so astonished at the beauty God made while I was overseas myself. It’s hard to remember sometimes the beauty that is right in our front yard, or right in the mirror too. I know you both know this but it never hurts to be reminded every once in a while. I hope your desire to notice God’s beauty in this new place doesn’t fade in the slightest. I hope it only grows with greater appreciation as you continue. Much love and many blessings.


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