Costa Rica

We made 140 cookies!

Sorry everyone, long time no post!  The last week or so has been very busy, our busiest time here so far, but we are off of school and everything until January. So hopefully we’ll have time to take a deep breath and relax a bit. Here are a few things we have been up to. 

A couple of weeks ago Audrey and I decided to try and do something for Christmas to get to know our neighbors a little bit more.  Many of our neighbors come home from work, go inside, and we never get to visit with them or even really see them. So, we decided to make cookies and deliver them to our neighbors.    So we went and knocked on doors with Christmas cookies in hand.  I think we made about 140 cookies, and delivered to about 15 neighbors.  So last weekend was full of visiting, and it went very well.  Here in Costa Rica, once you get invited into someone’s home, it’s kind of an obligation to stay a while, so we spent several hours in a couple of the homes and we had a great time getting to know some new people.  We hope that we can continue to get to know our neighbors more and share our faith with them.

Last week we attended an oral Bible storying conference.  It was really great.  We met in small groups of about 10 people and simulated “house church”.  House church is where instead of meeting in a traditional church building, you meet in someone’s house.  It was great to get to know the people in our group very well.  The closeness of a small group of people meeting together is really awesome.

For the teaching part of the house church we studied the book of Acts, but instead of reading the texts straight from the Bible, we took turns telling the stories of Acts.  Then as a group we worked through the stories in order to try and memorize them.  It was incredible to hear the Bible in this format.  One reason that we had this training is that in some places in the world many of the people don’t read or write, and other places don’t even have a written language.  So telling the stories instead of reading from the Bible is necessary.  But even for literate people like us, hearing the truths of the Bible in this way was exciting and encouraging.  

Thursday afternoon Audrey’s mom got here for a visit.  She’ll be here through Christmas day.  It has been great to get to see her, and we are planning to go on a trip Monday through Wednesday to a place called Volcano Arenal.  It’s supposed to be gorgeous, we look forward to it, and we’ll post pictures and stuff when we return. 

One thing we have been wanting to tell y’all about is the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  The IMB (International Mission Board) pays for all of our living expenses.  We feel like this is a huge blessing, and we are so fortunate to have this support.  The Lottie Moon Christmas offering is one of the main ways that the IMB gets its’ financial support.  Many different churches collect this special offering at Christmas time, but some don’t.  If you would be interested in more information, or would like to donate to this offering, check out these links:

To give:

More info:

Who is Lottie?: 

We hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas season.  It is warm here, so it doesn’t feel like a cold Christmas, but everything is going very well.  We have put some new prayer requests on the prayer request page, and there are some pretty new pictures, so feel free to look at those things. Thanks for keeping track of us, let us know how you’re doing!

Derek and Audrey Tucker


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