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Whew, what a week! It was great but we’re glad it is over.  We have intended to update for some time, but we truly have been busy, although that’s not a very good excuse!  This week we started school, attended a conference and several meetings regarding urban ministry and what all we’ll be doing in Panama. We also updated our visas, and did all the paperwork needed for that.

Tuesday we started school.  It is going very well so far.  As it approached we felt like little kids waiting for the first day of school! We feel like school will be pretty good.  We have three classes: grammar, phonetics (pronunciation), and language (conversational class).  The teachers are all Costa Ricans and are really neat.  We look forward to the learning that will take place there.  We hope and pray that we can communicate much better than we currently can once we leave here.

Also this week we attended a conference regarding urban ministry.  A few missionaries that live in Mexico City and have been part of a ministry their in that huge city shared some of how they do things. It was very helpful and relevant to what all we’ll be doing in Panama City.  We also had several meetings with the team that we’ll be working with in Panama.  One couple currently lives in Panama and they were able to share a lot of great information about how life is in Panama, and they showed us pictures of the city.  It was pretty exciting to get a glimpse of what all we’ll be taking part in once we get to Panama.

We also got an extension on our visa Friday.  We have already been here almost three months!!  When we arrived in October, we got a tourist visa that is good for 90 days, and Friday we got an extension to be allowed to stay legally in Costa Rica for another 90 days.  This entailed many details, roaming around San Jose looking for bus tickets, making copies of many different things, filling out forms, etc. But it went well.

Our time here has been full of very interesting experiences.  Each week brings new life lessons and interesting experiences.  One of those experiences happened a couple of weeks ago…..

Before school started we took a little trip to Northern Costa Rica.  We have continued to enjoy the beauty of this country.  Derek typed out the whole story, but it was too long and boring.  If you want to know more details feel free to ask, we’ll send them to you.  Long story short, we rented a car but had a few problems….. Derek lost the keys to the car, and once we got back to San Jose, he got into a little fender bender; he was bumped from behind.   Luckily nobody was hurt, but the person who was at fault drove off from the accident. So we had to pay for the rental and gas, the lost key fee, and the price to fix the damage done to the car.  It was an expensive rental!  We’ll think twice before we do that again!

Through this car situation and many others, we have seen God’s blessings.  He blesses us every day.  The fact that we have life is a blessing.  He is faithful to us no matter what, he’ll never forget us or forsake us.  God cares about every detail of our lives, and we have seen many different things that we know God’s hand is in.  We thank him for the big blessings in life, and the small, seemingly “coincidental” things that are blessings as well. We cannot wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Thank you very much for continuing to keep up with us.  We’ll keep posting as often as possible.  Feel free to check out the pictures pages, we have tried to update that pretty often too.  Thanks again for keeping track of us and praying for us.  Let us know how you’re doing. 

Derek and Audrey Tucker


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