Picture of Audrey's Spanish class

What is the most common phrase heard while traveling with children?  Most of you know right? “Are we there yet?” or “How long until we get there?” or something along those lines. How many times have you heard that; we have heard that many times before, and have probably been the ones saying it too! Derek remembers traveling by car while he was growing up.  He remembers traveling to his grandparents’ house, which took FOREVER in the car.  It was ten hours or so, but it seemed like way longer for a young boy, anxious to get out and run, roam, or do something! 

As we become adults, it seems like our impatience to finish a task quickly doesn’t go away.  We know that certain things will probably take a while, but we want it to be finished already!  We have been part way through, or barely starting a project and get so tired of it so quick.  Unfortunately, each of us have probably quit some things that we should have stuck out and finished.

In our Spanish learning, we sometimes feel like saying “are we there yet?”  We want to be able to speak so much better than we do.  But you know the saying, you have to crawl before you can walk.  “Poco a poco”, little by little!

I hope we don’t sound like we’re complaining, because we don’t want to do that.  However, there are times that we don’t really want to study or learn Spanish, we just want to be done already!  They say learning is a life long process, most days we think we’re ready and willing to go on that journey!

That being said, the Spanish learning does seem to be going ok.  We are communicating better than when we got here in October, and we look forward to getting much better.  As we learn Spanish we will begin to think in Spanish, and in turn have had dreams in Spanish. 

Audrey had her first “Spanish” dream a couple weeks ago.  In the dream there appeared a small wooden box.  The box opened up and inside it there was an item and written on the back of it was “BORADOR,” which means, eraser!  Pretty anticlimactic and random, but that was her first Spanish dream that she remembers. Anyways, we thought that was funny, maybe just to us though…

It reminded us of a dream that Derek had back when we lived in Deer Park.  Audrey was not feeling real well one night, and Derek was apparently concerned.  During the middle of the night, Derek sat up and shouted at her “¿COMO SIENTAS?”, which means how do you feel?  Apparently that was part of a dream or something too, because Derek knew nothing of this outburst of Spanish until Audrey told him the next day.

So there must be some Spanish up there in our minds, we’re just not sure how much yet!  We hope and pray that God continues to give us patience, and his wisdom in our Spanish acquisition.  Whatever you’re going through, I hope that you allow God to work.  When God works in our life it often takes longer than we want it to, and his timing is often different than ours.  But he does have a plan for each of us, and he has promised to never leave us or forsake us, for this we’re very grateful.

We hope that each of you are doing well. 

Derek and Audrey Tucker


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