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Derek preaching in Spanish

Hello everyone, We hope that each of you are doing well. Here all is going well.

Time seems to pass all to quickly. They say it passes even quicker once you get older, I guess we have that to look forward to….. We realized that we haven’t updated our blog in a while, sorry about that. We had good intentions to let you know how Audrey’s trip to the states went and update you right after she got home, but now she’s been home for a full week.

Audrey got home (to Costa Rica) last Monday (March 1st) from visiting her family in the Houston area. Although the reason for the trip wasn’t great, her grandmother on her moms side passed away Thursday February 25th , It was a blessed time to be with family. She got to see much of her family, and many friends at church on Sunday. A special thanks for everyone who prayed for her and her family during this time. Also thanks to anyone who fed Derek while Audrey was away! We are blessed with some great friends here. Not just because the help feed us, but for many reasons.

 This past weekend has been one of the fullest that we have had, but it was good. Derek preached Sunday morning at the church that we’ve been attending. This was all in Spanish, and went pretty well we think. The people were really nice about it anyways. There was only one major Spanish blunder, and Derek caught it pretty quickly. He meant to say that Paul’s life had an affect on “so many people” but instead he said Paul’s life had an affect on “stupid people”! One letter difference! Everyone got a good laugh out of it anyways. We hope that God’s message was clear, that’s the main point.

Also this weekend we had an event in the area called Los Yoses that we are doing ministry in. See prior posts for more info on Los Yoses. About five families are working with the ministry in that area. We have gone from house to house doing a “cultural survey” to try and get to know the community, then we returned to the houses that we were well received at and gave them a personal invitation to the movie. We showed the movie Fireproof. It’s an excellent movie. The turn out for the movie was pretty small. Collectively there were many hours spent prayer walking, getting to know the community, and passing out invitations. However, we know that God sees things very differently than we do. Our hope and prayer now is that the movie positively affected the people’s lives that were there, and that an interest will grow in that community. There will be a Bible Study starting on Sunday nights in the missionary families home that lives in that community. That can be an issue of ongoing prayer, that people will come to the Bible Study and that people will come to know Christ through it.

Spanish learning continues to go pretty well. We feel like we’re progressing, and hope to continue to improve as much as we can. Our time in Costa Rica is coming to a close quite quickly though. We have less than 7 weeks left! Our departure to Panama will be here before we know it. We look forward to what all God has in store for our coming months here in Costa Rica, and what all will go on in Panama too.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Let us know how you’re doing and if there’s ever anything you want us to pray for you about.

Derek and Audrey Tucker


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