Last week

We are now in our last week here.  It is crazy how quickly time passes.  We are in a time of “lasts” here in Costa Rica.  We went to our favorite pizza place for the last time the other day, we’ve gone to church for the last time here, we’ve had our last weekend here, etc.  In the next few days we’ll see some of our friends for the last time too. 

It’s hard to know when it will be our last time to do anything on this earth.  Even if we wanted to none of us will live forever.  If we were told what day and time our life would end we probably still wouldn’t get everything done that we wanted to.  It makes us think: what are we living for?  Are we living each day of our lives for a purpose, or just going through the motions?  If each day is lived for Christ then it is certainly worth while and we’ll be here on this earth just how long we need to be.  We thank the Lord for each day he’s given us.

We are very excited the new era of our lives.  Starting Friday we will begin doing many things in Panama for the FIRST time.  We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to be overseas serving.  We look forward to all that God has for our time in Panama.

We will be leaving Friday afternoon.  Our flight leaves Costa Rica about 5PM Costa Rica time (6PM central time).  The flight to Panama City is about an hour, pretty short!

Thankfully we are finished with all of our major tests and things for school.  We have several more days of school, but it seems to be finishing up smoothly.  Our Spanish has progressed quite a bit, but there is still improvement to be made.  Hopefully we’ll be able to understand the Panamanians once we arrive, we’ll find out.

Please pray for us as we say our goodbyes this week.  This is the part of our job that is not real fun.  It is hard to believe how well we have gotten to know some people so quickly.  We have been very blessed with our friends here, and our friendships will now have to be mostly over the phone or internet.  We hope to see some of these great friends again sometime soon, but we’re not sure when we’ll get to.

We will try and post more frequently during the next week or so to let everyone now how we’re doing.  Thanks for keeping track of us, let us know how you’re doing!

Derek and Audrey Tucker


One thought on “Last week

  1. Good to hear from y’all! Glad to know all is well, albeit a bit sad. New challenges are ahead that will be a great blessing to you and others. We miss you guys, but maybe one day we can drive down to see y’all!

    We love you!
    Mom & Dad Tucker

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