San Francisco

Map of the San Francisco area

This week the Urban Panama (UP) team, which consists of three families (us, the Cawthons, and the Louderbacks) will be hosting a volunteer group of 12 from several different Baptist churches in Oklahoma. They have come to help us reach this city for Christ. Please pray for us this week as we do a couple of different things with the group here in Panama City. Below is the schedule for the week.

Wednesday– Group orientation and prayer walking in the San Francisco Area (an area of Panama City with little or no evangelical work)
Thursday– Roofing and painting project at the Baptist Seminary near Panama City
Friday– Day 2 of the construction project at the Baptist Seminary
Saturday– Prayer walking in the San Francisco Area and outreach/evangelism at Omar park, in the San Francisco area.
Sunday– Attending a local church in Panama City and putting on a children’s activity in a poor area of San Francisco.

Please be in prayer for these activities, especially the times we’ll be doing evangelism, outreach and the children’s activity. We feel like God has been leading us toward starting a work in the San Francisco area.  We feel like this team will be a vital part of the work that goes on there.  The first and most important thing is to cover the area in prayer.  After that, we will see where we feel like God is showing us to work, and who in the area is open for us to talk with them and share the gospel with them.  We look forward to whatever God has in store, and we greatly appreciate your prayers for us, the team that will be here, and for the people of this part of town. 

We’ll try and update again soon and let everyone know how everything went.

 Derek and Audrey Tucker


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