Panama update

Georgia team working at the community center

Hey Everyone,

Time sure is flying by these days! It seems that one moment we are in September and the next October! Everything has been going well here.

It really feels as if God is working in our midst in great ways.  We have been more encouraged the last couple of weeks than any other time that we’ve been here.  We thank God for all that he is doing here, because it’s surely not by our power or our strength or knowledge.

Last week a group from Thomasville Georgia was here joining with us in ministry. It was a great time.  There are several things they worked with us to do.  For example, we prayer walked in an area called Santa Fe.  It is a new community, with about 5,000 homes in it, and there is an open door for us to come in and do ministry there. The group also did some construction and hung out with some kids at a community center, and visited a school where we showed a movie, played games, and most importantly shared about what Jesus wants to do in their lives. 

They also helped us put on a pastor’s banquet for about 20 local pastors and their wives at a nearby restaurant.  This was a time of getting to know the pastors, showing our appreciation for what they do, and praying together.  This event was one of the highlights of our time here so far, we hope that it ministered to the hearts of the pastors, and we look forward to working with many of them in the future.

This Saturday we will be doing a follow up activity in Santa Fe. We will be showing the movie Facing the Giants at the community center there. We hope that we can make connections into this community and see churches started there.  Please pray for God to open the hearts of this community so that the community can be reached!  

Another awesome thing that has recently happened is that we have lost two of our students from our church planting institute.  The reason this is awesome is because they are currently in the interior part of the country being missionaries.  We will be going to visit them next month, and we look forward to what God will do through them in an untouched part of Panama that has no church and practically no Christians.  Please pray for their work there, that God will use these two young men mightily for his glory.

There are many other things we’d like to share but they’ll have to wait till next time.  Thanks for keeping up with us.  Let us know how you’re doing or if there is something that we can pray for you about.

Derek and Audrey


One thought on “Panama update

  1. So glad to here things are going well. I try to pray for all my missionary friends often. It’s always encouraging to read your blog.

    Oh, btw… our plans to go into the mission field have been postponed a bit. We just found out we are expecting! God has everything worked out and we are trusting Him and His perfect timing.

    God bless! 🙂

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