Baby Boy Tucker

Hello everyone,

We hope that each of you is doing very well. We wanted to update everyone on what all we are up to, and will be up to in the near future. Most of you know that Audrey is pregnant, and that we will be having a boy. He is due later in August, but Audrey will be having a C-section this Saturday, August 10, at 9 am. She will be 38 weeks, which is two weeks early, but we expect a healthy little boy! She’s having a C section because he is breech (head up instead of down). Please pray for a safe delivery and that Audrey and baby Tucker will remain healthy. We will be posting pictures on our facebook, and eventually our blog, once he is born.

Once our son is born, and the baby and Audrey get medically cleared, we will be heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina to live and serve with the International Mission Board. The plan is that we’ll leave about 2 months after he is born, around mid-October.

We expected to already be in Buenos Aires, but our extra time in the states has been a big blessing for us. The medical care Audrey has received has been top notch, and it’s been awesome to spend time with family and friends while we’ve been here. We’ve also really enjoyed getting to be plugged in at our home church, San Jacinto Baptist Church, in Deer Park.

We appreciate all of the prayers that have been lifted up on our behalf during our time in the states, and the prayers that will be prayed for us as our child is born and grows! Please let us know if there is any way we can be praying for you about.

Derek and Audrey Tucker


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