Headed to Argentina!

Hey everyone,

Many of you know already that we have medical clearance and will be headed to Argentina soon!  Our tickets are for October 10th, and we arrive to Argentina early on the 11th!

Our newborn son Andrew is doing well.  He’s almost 2 months old now, and doing great.  He was born pretty small, at 5 pounds 9 ounces, but he’s up to about 10 pounds now.  Audrey is doing well too.  We are thankful and blessed for sure!

We look forward to getting settled in to life and ministry in Argentina.  We appreciate the prayers and look forward to all that God has in store for us in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

We hope you are doing well!

Derek, Audrey, and Andrew Tucker


4 thoughts on “Headed to Argentina!

  1. That is exciting news!! I have you on my prayer calendar for you travel and will remember you, too, as you get everything set up in Argentina!! Andrew is so cute and he will open lots of doors for you!!

    Much love, Cindy

  2. Excited for you as you start this next journey of life God has laid before you. Our church is sending a team to Salta to serve with the Andrews on the 13th. May the blessings with the Lord be with you and your beautiful family.

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