We made it to Argentina!


Hey everyone,

We wanted to let everyone know that we made it to Buenos Aires, Argentina. We made it with our 14 pieces of luggage intact! We want to thank everyone for the prayers that have been lifted up for us during this time of transition.

This move has been different than the other moves we’ve experienced. Not only was it hard leaving our family with a baby in tow, but we brought everything we own with us. The only thing we own back “home” in Texas are some plastic storage bins with some books and keepsakes in them.  Not having much stuff has been a blessing and has helped us understand what truly matters in life, our relationship with God, and each other.  We look forward to setting up our new home here in Buenos Aires in the upcoming weeks.

Since our move we’ve felt a peace about being here.  We know that this is the place that God wants us to be, and we can rest in that.  Our coworkers have made us feel welcome by inviting us into their homes, making meals for us, and by helping us get acquainted with Buenos Aires. It has been such a blessing to fellowship with them and learn about their lives and ministries. We have enjoyed getting to know the culture and the people here too.  Everyone we’ve met has been friendly toward us.  We look forward to all that God has in store in the coming days, weeks, months, and years!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Derek, Audrey, and Andrew


4 thoughts on “We made it to Argentina!

  1. This makes me SO happy!! I am so glad that it has gone well so far! I couldn’t even see little Andrew in your photo but I know you had him!!! That’s amazing that you took all that you own with you. I admire you for that very much. Unfortunately we are way past that now. However, we have stopped adding to the “pile” and have realized for the most part we have what we need and don’t have to buy more. Here I enjoy buying things for others – so many beautiful handmade items! I will keep praying for you guys and we know the Lord is going to use you in a mighty way there!! Love, Cindy

  2. WooHoo so happy for all of you to be getting settled in so quickly.  It truly is such a small world.  I was noticing on your FB page Derrick that we were both friends with Ken Furches, so I ask him how he knew you and he told me the story.  Ken is now one of our associate pastors at Denver Baptist Church.  I fell in love with them the first time I met them. Prayers and blessings to all of you.

    I Refuse to do NothingIn His NameDiane Smith704-904-8774


  3. Y’all look good after that long flight. Even Andrew is a sweet sleeping baby. I am happy y’all made it safe and sound and that y’all have been welcomed with open arms. Looking forward to reading all about your new life in Argentina.

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