Hey everyone,
        We hope everyone has been doing well. We are doing great down here in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As you guys enter into spring in the Northern Hemisphere, down here it is turning into fall. The other day we saw leaves falling off of some trees for the first time, and the temperature is dropping a little bit! Pictured, from our balcony, is a tree that it’s leaves are beginning to turn yellow. Being from Houston we don’t really know what seasons are, so it will be nice to see some fall foliage!

 We’ve been enjoying getting to know the city of Buenos Aires more and more. It’s a beautiful city, with a lot of diversity and a rich history. We also continue to see more and more needs that are evident all around us. There are physical, emotional and spiritual needs that are obvious, and overwhelming at times.

Please pray for Buenos Aires. Pray that God will do something incredible here, that he’ll touch many hearts and that this city will be changed for his glory.

 We are getting to know more Pastors and church leaders here, and we have had a few USA volunteer teams come down and partner with some churches here. We look forward to all that God has in store for us here.

 Andrew is growing and doing well. We are blessed for sure! Thanks for the prayers.

 Derek, Audrey and Andrew Tucker


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