La copa mundial (The world cup)

Hey Everyone!
We hope that you are doing well. Have y’all been keeping up with the World Cup any? It seems like we’ve heard more about it from the states this year than in the past.
Here in Latin America, the World Cup is a HUGE deal. It’s kind of like adding together the energy/hype from the superbowl, World Series, and the NBA championship all together, and add to it that this event only happens once every 4 years! That’s a little like what we feel here in Argentina. It’s been fun, and we’ve had to watch the games for a few reasons. First, nothing is open or happens during the games, and second the World Cup is the only thing people talk about for a couple of months, so in order to have any conversation, we have to know a little bit about it.
It’s fun rooting for your country, and it seems to bring unity, pride and excitement. It’s unfortunate that the USA is no longer in the tournament, but we played with heart, that’s for sure!
It’s amazing how much passion people have for a game. In the end of eternity, a soccer game won’t have much significance. However, as Christians, the good news of Jesus Christ, and whether we share it or not, has eternal significance for EVERY person that we know and love. Should we be more excited about a game, or what Jesus has done in our lives?
We’re not saying we shouldn’t cheer for our country, and enjoy the World Cup, but we do wish we had more passion and excitement about all that the Lord has done in our lives! We encourage you to keep your eyes focused on the goal-not the soccer goal-but on Jesus! He has awesome plans for each of our lives, and wants us to be victorious, in life and for eternity.
Thanks for thinking and praying for us!
Derek, Audrey and Andrew Tucker


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