Winter 2015

Sunrise service at a park

Easter 2015- Sunrise service at a park

Hello everyone!

It has been going well down here in Argentina. As most of y’all heat up for summer up there in the Northern hemisphere we are cooling off for winter down here. We hope each of you is doing very well.

Audrey is doing well with her pregnancy. Within about a month or so we’ll be parents for the second time! This brings a rush of emotions, and we are truly excited!

Andrew is getting bigger, talking more, running around more, and getting into more things! The other day we wrote down the words he says in both English and Spanish, and right now he speaks exactly half and half! It’ll be neat to see how he continues to grow and develop.

Andrew is so full of joy and causes people to smile everywhere he goes. In a world where many people are hopeless, a precious child brings a smile to many faces. We hope and pray that long term joy can be experienced by many through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray with us as we seek to try and share the good news with those all around us. Pray that God will give us wisdom in how to communicate the good news, and pray that others will be receptive to listening to us and accepting what God wants to do in and trough their lives.

We hope y’all are doing well and have a great day!

Derek, Audrey, Andrew and Baby Girl Tucker

P.S. Check out the link to our virtual prayer walk for Buenos Aires on our Prayer Requests page!!


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