Many of you know that the IMB, the organization that we serve with here in Argentina, is going through some major changes. The summary of the situation is that finances have been tight in the last years (especially since the global economic difficulty of 2008-2009), and the organization has only been able to balance budget through selling houses and properties around the world. As there is not an unlimited amount of property to sell, a different financial solution has to be implemented, and quickly. The first step of this process is happening right now. Many missionaries, ones that are over 50 and have more than 5 years of experience with the company, have been offered an early retirement package. It’s a voluntary early retirement, and it is the first step of bringing the number of missionaries down to a sustainable number.
This has been a difficult time for us and everyone serving with our organization. Change is usually difficult. Some close friends, mentors, and bosses will be heading back to the USA by the end of the year. We ask that you pray for us, for our coworkers, and for the leadership of the IMB. We pray that God will work in and through this situation in greater ways then we could imagine.
Here are a couple of articles about the financial situation of the IMB in case you want to know more.
Our focus continues to be on the huge amount of work to do here in Buenos Aires. We pray daily that God will be glorified through us, and that many more here in Buenos Aires will come to know the good news of Jesus Christ.
We hope that you are doing well. Feel free to send us a message or e-mail to let us know how you are doing!

Derek, Audrey, Andrew and Eliana


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