Hello everyone!

We hope that you are doing well. Down here it’s going good. It’s been busy, and things seem overwhelming sometimes, at least to us in a city of over 15 million people who need to hear the good news of Jesus!

We recently celebrated Easter. We hope that you had a good Easter, and were able to enjoy time with family and were able to reflect on the true meaning of the holiday.

Easter feels a little like Christmas sometimes, with all its hype and commercialism. That’s not bad necessarily, unless it leads us to forget the real meaning for the holiday.

Easter isn’t all about eggs and Easter bunnies, it’s the day we are supposed to remember and celebrate all that Jesus did for us. On “good” Friday, he died on the cross for our sins! We toss that kind of language around really often without thinking of its implications. Jesus dying on the cross wasn’t neat and pretty. We recently saw the Passion of Christ movie, and it captures the essence of the suffering that Jesus endured for our sins.

The story doesn’t end with his suffering though, on the third day he rose again! That is what makes the good news good. Without it, the news wouldn’t be good!

Easter is the culmination of the events of the Bible, as the Old Testament looks forward to a Messiah, and as the New Testament tells the story of Jesus and the first church. We would argue that Jesus’ life and death is the most important event in the history of the world.

It doesn’t seem like we always treat it like that when we’re looking for eggs and eating chocolate! Or when we are attending church just because it’s what we are supposed to do on Easter Sunday. Going to church on Easter is obviously a good thing, but Easter should affect our lives every day of the year.

That’s the question we asked this year: “How does Easter affect your (my) everyday life?” Does it motivate us to know God better, or share what he did for us more? Does it encourage us to read the Bible more and know him better?

We were challenged by this question this year, to not just go through our religious motions, but to really consider what this day represents! We hope that you are impacted by Easter too, that you’ll consider what it means and how it can affect your life, every day.

Feel free to drop us a line or give us a call to let you know how you are doing!

Derek, Audrey, Andrew and Eliana Tucker


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